Super Macro!

Super macro image of my metal ruler - Taken with 14 - 42

Super macro image of my metal ruler - Taken with 14 - 42

After a bit of serendipity, I discovered that if i look down the wrong end of my broken SLR lens i could see China things on a super magnified/macro level. Then after we bought a new camera i thought it might be a good idea to see what happens when i flip the lens backward on the actual camera…

The result? A surprisingly super magnified image, that with a steady hand and some help from the camera’s image stabilisation could totally be captured.

What you see here are in fact the millimetre markings on my metal ruler. This image hasn’t been cropped only re-sized. so the original looks just the same except is 10MP big :D. It was taken with my 14-42mm lens at full zoom, on backwards.

The problem with this method is that it is not a very permanent solution. It’s a real pain to try and keep the camera steady while holding the lens on. This is where my broken lens (14 – 45mm stuck at aprox 32mm) comes into play. Since I wasn’t using it for anything useful (zoom and focus controls were jammed) i decided to see if I could permanently flip the lens backwards.

The gallery above shows the tear down process as well as the end result of the flipped lens. Neat huh?

5c Coin (Tails) - taken with DIY Lens

5c Coin (Tails) - taken with DIY Lens

5c Coin (Heads) - taken with DIY Lens

5c Coin (Heads) - taken with DIY Lens

The above pictures were taken with my new DIY super macro lens. Unfortunately there is literally zero depth of field as you will notice that only the Queen’s eyes are in focus while the rest of her is not. I am pretty sure this can’t be avoided however.At the end of the day i have a lens that can take pictures of images only 16mm wide. (my other lens could do 8mm but there is no way i am goung to break my brand new 14 – 42 just for lulz…)

Also, due to the jammed nature of my lens there is no way to focus the image without manually moving the camera closer and farther. I may try to figure out a way to unjam the zoom ring but it just so happens to be a real bitch to get to. Mybe next time.

Disclaimer: This is in no way a tutorial, it’s more a “look what I did.” However if you are planning on making your own Super Macro Lens, leave a comment bellow and I would be more than happy to help you out.

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